My work in this project explores the idea of containment within an enclosed area and examines contrast within the compositions. The work’s main focus is on juxtaposing different elements of still life and landscape while maintaining a sense of continuity. It achieves this by contrasting nature and technology, the ordinary and the unusual. Continuity is maintained through the focal point, the teacup, which is an ordinary object in most houses. In this work it becomes a symbol of the ordinary, the objects we overlook and take for granted. The aim is to draw the audience in to consider these ordinary objects in a new light within the context of these photographs.

I started out with the idea of scale and collage, and then my ideas leant towards using contrast to juxtapose thematic elements of landscape, miniatures and still life. I challenged myself in this project to use natural light and make the most of the available resources using shadow puppets and silhouettes. I also created imagery of paper planes, sparks, wolves, miniature trees, fire and tools in different landscapes to counter the impression of “ordinary” life.

My work processes for this project have been inspired by variety of artist models, such as Dina Belenko, Victoria Seimer and William Kass. My ideas has changed and evolved a lot during this project, probably in part to having a self-directed brief, which meant there was plenty of flexibility for expanding and changing my ideas.