Create a character with a developed backstory and setting and portray them both in their world and in their development. This was the mission. This was probably one of the most enjoyable assignments I’ve ever done; ever since I was little I’ve loved to make up stories and characters and then draw them.

In some ways, this character portrays many of the traits I admire or wish I had more of myself. The character, called Avery Barnard, is an adventurous and outgoing girl with a tendency to run off into the wilderness, getting into trouble. She lives in a fantasy world infested with monsters, but the world around is mysterious and unexplored because she lives in an isolated village called Mill-Town, where everybody knows everyone, and superstition about the outside world runs rampant.

Avery is also fascinated by “monsters” and “beasts”, and wants to learn about them and teach her village about them. Therefore her mission is to educate people about the outside world and explore it herself. She does this through the vehicle of “Beast Weekly”.

“Beast Weekly” is a newspaper the character and her friends make themselves, and it contains news and information about beasts, news and maps about the wilderness, and general news about the village.

If I were to write this story properly, and extend this project, I would probably do it in the format of an illustrated book, or a web comic. I would explore themes of adventure, isolation and the impact of educating people. There would be typical adventurous quests and fights against monsters, but ultimately, I would want the story to focus on understanding the unknown instead of fighting it. I want to focus on stories about preserving nature instead of conquering it, of helping to educate people rather than running away from them. Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to develop the story the way I see it in my head.