My name is Katherine Woodfield and I am currently completing a Bachelor of Design (Honours) at Otago Polytechnic.

My practice is about using storytelling, design, research and illustration to create unique and thought-provoking solutions to design problems.

In my portfolio you can see a range of projects, which show how I use storytelling interacting with culture and backed by research in order to create original outcomes. In some works such as “The Gaze of Tourism” and the Whirlwind, I have used illustration and visual prompters to tell the story. In other projects, like the Beowolf study and Grow Together logo, I have relied on layout, line work and colouring to convey the message.

In the future I intend to do further research and writing in the field of design, and would like to find work as a graphic designer or illustrator.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the website!