As our first major logo design project, our class was put into groups and assigned an organisation that required a rebrand. My team was given a youth development program call Grow Together, which targeted 16-25 year olds.

The mission and vision of Grow Together is to help disadvantaged or unemployed youth develop a range of life skills, qualifications and relationships in a safe, therapeutic environment with the goal of being “life ready, work ready” at the end of theirstay.

After conducting market research, me and my team created a “bumper sticker” which is a sentence summary of Grow Together’s vision and purpose, supported by our research on their values. We came up with the sentence:

“Creating seeds of empowerment for their future”

Further narrowed down, the word “Empowerment” summed up what we believed Grow Together to be and stand for. With this foundation we started work on our concepts.

The program links to a garden local garden centre and wanted to steer clear of obvious references to nature to focus on the youth development program. To emphasise this difference the logo could not lean too heavily nature-related imagery. However, the logo needed to embody the values of the organisation and the story behind it.

Element 1: This mark combines imagery from various ideas I have used in creating this logo. The green shapes look a little like leaves, which is a subtle reference to the roots of the program. The leaves can also be shown as a reference to growth, especially combined with the hand. The mark can also be interpreted as hills or mountains, implying a challenging journey.The slopes look a little like a bridge, which references the programs nature as a bridging program, and as a journey to obtain skills.

Element 2: The hand beneath the green shapes references a sense of empowerment and support that is found throughout the program. It is also a reference to the therapeutic nature of working in the gardens, and the “hands on” teaching

approach that is used in Grow Together. The motif of hands is also used in other Presbyterian Support branding so there is continuity between the design of this program and other Presbyterian Support branding. Hands can also be used to symbolise community, which is an important aspect of Grow Together.