Whirlwind is a visual novel project that creates a narrative that is designed to provoke engagement and deeper thought from the reader.

The story follows a King in an unstable kingdom. He discovers a secret plot to overthrow him and must decide who he can trust.

A logo used within the story.

Throughout the novel visual “clues” are dropped to help solve the mystery and conflict within the story, and the reader is encouraged to look deeper; beyond the obvious plot for answers. This is a self-initiated project that gives me opportunities explore and display both my graphic design and storytelling skills.

The target audience is teenagers upwards, as the plot involves various philosophical ideas which might go over young children’s heads, but I have been incorporating elements often used in children’s books, such as the “Where’s Wally” style of visual communication. Ideally, I would like the book to be something people of all ages could enjoy.

Poster used for Original Pitch